Adika Collection

Adika Collection

Adika Collection was established in 2006 for women who value comfort and individuality. The main driving force behind our activity is creating timeless, creative and unique collections, because we assume that every woman is beautiful.

Our company is a family business, we are a fantastic team creating with passion and love. We design together, each of us has a different vision of fashion, but thanks to compromises we have fun. Our products are created with the spirit of the times, from the best fabrics in the world, and the cuts are adapted to current trends and seasons. We sew dresses in 3 collections a year: spring, summer and autumn/winter.

The colours we use are suitable for each of these seasons, but we retain individual tones and patterns. In our offer you will mainly find dresses in a huge number of colours, comfortable blouses, unique coats, ingenious tunics, elegant jackets, comfortable skirts and trousers.

Our products are adored by all women, you can see them both on the street, at special events, at fashion shows and during exclusive meetings. The best effect and confirmation of the quality of our works are the awards and distinctions we receive.


Adika dresses size table

36 38 40 42 44 46 48
Bust circumference 80 86 90 92 94 98 100
Waist circumference 72 80 86 86 88 92 94
Circuit in the hips 82 84 90 92 94 98 100
Overall length of the rear 95 95 96 96 97 97 97