Adika Moda Hurt

Adika Fashion is wholesale of women's clothing offering Polish manufacturer of women's clothing firmy Adika Collection. Adika is a family business andscutting on the Polish fashion market since 2006. The company's mission is to create fashionable, timeless and unique collections women's clothing at any age. For the most part, these are dresses for every occasion, wedding

Adika Collection wholesale is a wholesale catalogue designed for owners of shops and clothing boutiques who want to expand their assortment with exceptional women's clothing.

Adika Moda's offer includes: dresses, comfortable blouses, jackets, elegant jackets, suits, tracksuits, unique coats, sweatshirts and nowadays in the era of pandemi COVID-19 also protective clothing (face masks, overalls, caps). 

All clothes with the Adika Collection tag are designed and sewn in Polandso by buying them you support the Polish economy.
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Adika Collection is a Polish manufacturer of stylish clothing for women. Clothes produced by the company are characterized by great quality and durability of the material. Adika company entered the European market in 2006 with the intention of wholesale of sophisticated and creative women's collections. website is an online catalogue with a detailed list of all products of the entire wholesale company. Our offer is addressed to the owners of boutiques, shops, both stationary and online, as well as any entrepreneur in the clothing industry who wants to enrich their assortment with high quality women's clothes.

Our wholesaler specializes in a unique approach to fashion and needs
of all customers. We offer the possibility of dressing up for every occasion, from comfortable everyday outfits to sophisticated elegant creations for every woman. We provide a wide range of warm sweatshirts, blouses and comfortable tracksuits.

For colder days you will find a huge number of jackets, coats and cozy jackets in our catalogue. Our offer also includes beautiful dresses and elegant women's suits, which will be a perfect choice even for the most sophisticated occasions. We offer these and many more top quality ladies' clothes at attractive wholesale prices!

Our priority is to smile on the face of every woman who decides to buy products from our warehouse, that is why we do our best to provide the highest quality service in every area of the company. Durability of products, wide selection and timely completion of orders are the constant features that characterize us.

Adika is always up to date with all trends in female fashion,
and can adapt to the new needs of a dynamically changing world. Due to the prevailing Covid 19 pandemic, for the sake of our customers' safety, in addition to the seasonal clothing offers, our warehouse also offers face masks required in public spaces in interesting designs and colors, as well as specialized protective clothing.

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Adika dresses size table

36 38 40 42 44 46 48
Bust circumference 80 86 90 92 94 98 100
Waist circumference 72 80 86 86 88 92 94
Circuit in the hips 82 84 90 92 94 98 100
Overall length of the rear 95 95 96 96 97 97 97